Add Pricing - Fixed Width Model

In a fixed width model, the price of a neon sign is determined by its size, number of characters, number of lines, and font.

Here are two examples to illustrate how pricing is calculated.

Example 1

  • The sign says "Awesome Sign"

  • The customer has chosen a simple font and small size.
  • There is only one line of text for this sign.
  • The base price for a small-sized line of text is $100. 
  • The sign has 10 text characters, and the price per character for this line is $20.


Base Price + (text characters x price per character)


100 + (10 x 20) = $300.00

Example 2

  • The sign says "Awesome Sign" spread over two lines.

  • The customer has chosen a simple font and small size.
  • There are two lines of text for this sign.
  • The base price for the first line of text for a small size is $100, and for the second line, it is $60.
  • The sign has 12 text characters at a price per character set to $20 for the first line and $30 for the second.


(Base Price + (text characters x price per character)) + (Base Price + (text characters x price per character))


(100 + (6 x 20)) + (60 + (4 x 30)) = $400

Instructions to Add a New Pricing:

  1. Click the customiser which you want to add new pricing. Go to Required Options > Pricing.

  2. On the next page, click Add Pricing or Add New Pricing to set up a new pricing rule.

  3. A new page will appear allowing you to configure your pricing settings.

    Label: The label of the pricing rule. You will use the label to select this pricing rule on your font editing page.

    Base Price: this is the cost for each line of text on the neon sign. You can have different based prices for the first line, second line, third line, etc.

    Letter Price: This is the cost per letter based on the number of lines.

    You can set both the base price and letter price for each line. If you do not want an additional base price or letter price, set the field to '0'.

Please follow the instructions accordingly to fill in the required details and click Save in the bottom right corner.

You are all done! You can see the newly created Pricing in the Pricing section. You can also make changes to your newly created Pricing by clicking on the Pricing you want to modify.

Later, when you upload a new font, you can assign it to pricing. For more information on adding new fonts, please refer to this guide.

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