Add Fonts - Fixed Width Model

By using this feature, you can add multiple Fonts by uploading the font of your choice. 

Please follow the below instructions to Add a Font:

1. Once you have created the Customiser, please click the Customiser which you want to change:

2. On the Customiser Page, click the Required Options button with the tool icon and click Fonts:

3. On the Fonts page, add the Title of the Fonts you want to add (how you would like the Fonts section to appear to your customers) and click Add New Font:

4. On the New Font page, add the Title of the Font (which will appear to your customers) you are adding and upload the .TTF file of the font you want to add. 

  1. If you have the Font in another format, you can convert it to .TTF software.
  2. Choose one of the Pricing Tier for your Font from the dropdown list.

  3. It is optional, If you want to limit this Font to display on only certain sizes, you can choose to do so from the Limit this font to a size and above section.

  4. You can also change the Line Height of your Font

5. Click Save on the bottom right corner once you have added all the required details.

6. You are all done! You can see the newly created Font in the Fonts section. You can also make changes to your newly created Font by clicking on the Font you want to modify

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