Editting Form

Clicking on the pencil icon for each form will take you to the form's editor page. Here, you can configure the form's label, description, fields, and email settings.


In the form section, you can specify labels and descriptions for the forms.


In the field section, you can add or remove fields, decide whether to add the user who submitted the form as a Shopify customer, and modify the "Submit" button text.

  • Default/Customer: Toggle between these two options. When "Default" is selected, the submitted information will be sent to the designated form recipient email address. Choosing "Customer" will add the submitted email address to your Shopify Customer data.
  • Add new field: This option allows you to introduce a new field to the current form.
  • Modify the text of the submit button.
  • Click and hold on the drag on each field to drag-drop it.
  • The minus icon allows to remove the field.

The app provides the following 12 different field types for you to build your form: First Name, Last Name, Email, Single-line Text, Multi-line Text, Phone, Dropdown, Date, Number, Checkbox, Multi-choice, and File Upload.


In the Email section, you can change the receive email address that submited forms will be sent to and the email subject.

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