There are two ways to set up discounted prices for Neon Sign Customiser products. You can achieve this by using either the built-in discount feature or Shopify Discounts. In this document, we will focus on creating a discount using the Sign Customiser's built-in feature and highlight the differences between this method and Shopify Discounts. You can learn more about setting up Shopify Discounts on this page.

Sign Customiser built-in discount feature

Sign Customiser Discount vs. Shopify Discount

Below is a list of the differences between the two methods. Check and select the one that fits your marketing strategy

Display position:

  • Sign Customiser's built-in discount: Displays the discount within the app's frontend but not on cart and checkout pages. A new product with a discounted price is generated when added to the cart.
  • Shopify Discounts: The discount is not visible within the app's frontend and is applied only when customers reach the cart page.

Applied time:

  • Sign Customiser's discount: Applied immediately upon configuration.
  • Shopify Discounts: May take up to two minutes for Shopify to apply the discount to Sign Customiser generated products.

Discount options:

  • Sign Customiser's discount: You can only set the discount amount.
  • Shopify Discounts: In addition to the discount amount, you are able to set minimum spend, maximum discount uses, combinations, and active dates.

Setting up Sign Customiser discount:

From your customised editor page, go to Settings > General.

Scroll down to find the Discount option under the Product section.

Choose from two types of discounts:

  • Percentage of Total Amount: Set a percentage discount applied to the total price of any sign created with the current customiser. For example, if you type in 10 in the Discount Percentage field, a $100 sign will be $90.

  • Fixed Amount: This option works similarly to the percentage of the total amount option but instead of subtracting a percentage amount from the total price, it subtracts a fixed amount.

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