Create Discounts For Custom Signs

Following these steps, you will be able to create an automatic discount that is applied to the customers when a new custom neon sign product is added to the user's cart.

Steps to create automatic discounts for custom signs

1. In Shopify admin, click on products and then collections

2. Create a new collection, this new collection will only contain the generated products from the sign customiser app, to do so use these settings.

3. Save the new collection 

4. Go to Discounts in the Shopify Admin

5. Click on Create Discount and select the discount type you would like to be automatically applied to custom neons. The type of discount you choose is up to you, the only important part is it must be an automatic discount.

6. Ensure that an Automatic discount is selected

7. Ensure that the Applies To is set to "specific Collection" and that the collection selected is the one that you created in step 2.

8. Test your new discount by going to the frontend of your store and adding a new custom neon product to your cart, you should see the automatic discount apply. 

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