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How pricing works in the advanced model

Pricing in an advanced model is a dynamic formula based on what type of letter pricing you have chosen, the combination of pricing inputs you have used and the sign's final width and height dimensions. 

Using our price formula editor, you can create as many size ranges as required to fit the costs and profits of building and shipping a sign to your customer. One price formula can be assigned to one or many fonts, and you can create as many price formulas as you need.  

Each size range is made of the following key inputs. 

Size range

creates a dimension range based on the width and height of the sign. The price inputes mentioned in this article will be applied to each size range associated to a pricing formula. To find out more visit this article.

Shipping Cost

Calculate shipping costs based on the sign's square footage or add volumetric weight to the Shopify product, and use Shopify Shipping settings to calculate the shipping price. Find out how to calculate your shipping costs

Fixed Letter Pricing

Set a fixed price per letter e.g. $7 USD.

Letter Material Cost

Set a cost for the amount of material used to create the letters for the sign, and price the cost on a per-centimeter basis. This material could be flexible neon, glass, metal, wood etc.

Some suppliers may give you an average price based on the letter size; the key here is to understand the actual cost of the material required to make up the letter size, as these two concepts are not the same. Use this article to help you determine the material cost.

Base Price 

Use the base price to include any other costs required to build the sign in this dimensional size range e.g. building costs.

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