Custom Sizing

By following this guide, you can give your customers the ability of fine grain control over the size of their sign. 

This option will add an additional size option to the customer-facing app, the option will be placed at the end of the sizes list that you have already created and display a range slider that allows the customer to choose a size between the current smallest size width and the nominated maximum range width (default 300cm).

Steps to enable custom sizing

Please follow the below instructions to  Enable Custom Sizing:

1. Once you have created the Customizer, please click the  Customizer which you want to change:

2. On the customizer Page, click the  Required Options button with the tool icon and click Sizes:

3. Scroll down to and Select Enable Custom Sizing:

4. Optional - Enter a maximum range in centimeters, this value will be used as the maximum width allowed that the customer can select for the sign. 

5. Click Save at the bottom of the form. 

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