How To Best Utilize A Simple Model Sizing System

Consideration 1:
Create and assign a more expensive pricing tier to the fonts that are skinny or have a greater height as they would be likely to use more material when using a simple model pricing system and therefore might be more expensive in terms of manufacturing cost.

Consideration 2:
Play with different combinations of  fonts and min/max character limits per size to see which ones work well within your set sizes and character ranges. Sometimes even replacing a font might be a better option.

Consideration 3:
Limit certain fonts to only be available for certain larger sizes and above, please view the instructions below.

Instructions to limit certain fonts to a minimum size

  1. Go to fonts in admin
  2. Go to the font that you would like to update
  3. Scroll to the Limit this font to a size and above (optional) section
  4. pick the minimum size that you would like your font to be available for.
  5. Click on the Save button at bottom of the form.
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