Setting up your first sign customiser

Welcome to Sign Customiser! We are glad to have you onboard.

Using our app gives you the power to have the world's most advanced sign customiser on your Shopify store. You are setting up an advanced custom product builder specifically tailored to the sign industry.

Our app provides many options and configurations both for an admin and for the customer. Some of the terminologies and systems we use throughout the app will most likely require further research, so please keep in mind that this is not an app that can go live in a day (though possible if you are already familiar with the neon sign industry ).

To ensure success with our product, it's essential to understand how our app works; please read through these instructions and ensure you attend to each item in the order they appear. 

1. Choosing your sizing and pricing model

One of the most important tasks that should be done is deciding which sizing and pricing model you would like to set up in your store. Although our two demos may look the same on initial impression, the way they calculate the pricing and sizing is entirely different, and as such, both have two unique approaches to how you would work with your suppliers. 

If you need help deciding which one to use, we recommend the fixed width model when initially using our app, as the admin has been designed to make setting up the sizing and pricing as simple as possible. You can always move to the advanced model once our app has been running your store for some time.

Our advanced model provides the best customer experience due to its flexibility and accuracy, which require a more complex setup; we recommend the advanced model for any business that builds custom signs or has experience in the sign industry.

2. How to find the proper sign manufacturer - (important for drop shippers)

We have created a list of manufacturers who use and understand our app deeply. You can find this list by clicking the Manufacturers button in the top right menu of our app's admin interface. From there, you can contact the manufacturers and ask for the necessary pricing information you will need to set up your sign customiser; you can also easily select manufacturers that service the same regions that your business operates in. Of course, you can find and utilise any manufacturer that's not on this list for building custom signs, we have created a step-by-step process to help ask the right questions and get setup as soon as possible.

We aim to continue building upon this list; if you are a manufacturer, please contact us so that we can include you on the list. 

3.  Creating your first customiser.

Now that you have an overarching view of what to expect moving forward, it's time to dive deep into our instructional manual for setting up a sign customiser according to your chosen pricing and sizing model. Click on the link below based on your chosen pricing and sizing model. 

4. Understand how order fulfillment works

Now that you have built your sign customiser and installed it on your theme, it's time to understand how fulfilment works with our app and you can be set up for success from the get-go. Please read this article to find out more.

5. Hide the sign products from showing on your store to other customers

When a customer adds a custom sign product to their cart, a new product is generated on your store. To hide these products from showing up to other customers please follow the instructions.

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