Flat Parcel Shipping Costs

Flat parcel shipping costs (cm²)

With the Flat shipping option selected, you will be able to set a shipping rate associated with the cm² value of a sign's final size.

To understand how our app calculates the Shipping price please refer to this diagram below.

In this diagram above, we have a height of 40cm and width of 60cm for the sign size, we also have a value of 0.0154 per cm². On how to set and find this value for cm² please refer to details below.

How to edit the flat parcel shipping costs (cm²) price for each size range.

  1. navigate to the Sign Range section below on your pricing editor
  2. click on any Size Range to edit that particular size range's

A pop-up will appear allowing to set up the rate per cm²

  1. Scroll down the popup until you see the shipping price unit
  2. this will allow you to assign a value to the cost per cm².
  3. The cost will be your store's primary currency.

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