Enabling the multi-currency feature in your Shopify store allows customers to view products and make purchases in their prefer currency. This can be achieved by integrating a currency switcher app or using the Markets feature from Shopify. Currently, our Sign Customiser app supports two popular currency conversion apps: Vitals and Best Currency Converter. While we recommend Shopify Markets for its seamless integration and optimal performance, we acknowledge that not all global stores have access to this feature.

To cater to a broader range of our users, we've recently updated the Sign Customiser app to provide enhanced support for Vitals and Best Currency Converter. This guide will walk you through setting up multiple currencies using Shopify Markets and integrating Vitals and Best Currency Converter with your store.

Integrations Overview:

  1. Shopify Markets:
    • Best for seamless integration.
    • Allows setting up multiple currencies and market-specific pricing.
    • Ideal for stores with global customers.
  2. Vitals:
    • Offers a comprehensive suite of tools including currency conversion.
    • Easy to integrate and use.
    • Enhances customer experience by showing prices in the visitor's local currency.
  3. Best Currency Converter:
    • Specializes in currency conversion.
    • Supports multiple currencies.
    • Automatically detects the customer's location and shows prices in the local currency.

By leveraging these integrations, the Sign Customiser app will now display live prices converted to the customer’s preferred currency, enhancing the shopping experience for your global customer base.

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