Enable Shopify markets on your store

Shopify Markets is a cross-border management tool that helps you identify, set up, launch, optimize, and manage your international markets - all from a single store. You can set up markets with options for language, products, pricing, taxes, shipping and allow your customer to select their market. This guide will help you to enable the markets feature on your store and allow your customers to switch to their prefer currency.

Adding Markets

To add a new market to your store, go to Settings > Markets from your Shopify Dashboard and select Add market.

On the next page, select the new market's country/region and give it a name. For example, you can create a new market named "United States" with the USD currency.

The Geolocation app will be installed automatically.

Setting up Markets currency

You will be redirected to a new page where you can set up the new market with options for Domains and languages, Products and pricing, Duties and import taxes, Shipping. Select Products and pricing to set up currency.

On the Products and pricing settings page:

  1. Currency: This option allows you to set up currency for the market. 
  2. Manage exchange rate: This option allows you to set up how your exchange rate will be updated. You can choose to update the rate automatically or use your own exchange rate.
  3. Price adjustment: This option allows you to choose to increase/decrease your product price on the new market by percentage.
  4. Include/Exclude products: You can choose to exclude some products from your new market.

Enable currency selector

After finishing setting up your markets, go to the Geolocation app that was automatically installed when you added a new market. The Geolocation app allows you to display a recommendations pop-up and a currency selector.

  1. Show recommendations: This option will show a recommended pop-up based on your customer's location. Customers can choose to either proceed with the recommended market or stick with your default market.
  2. Show selectors: This option will allow you to display a show country and language selectors in the footer of your website. Click on Customize to select the position you want to place the selector. You can choose Left, Right or Center. 

If your store uses a theme that includes built-in country and language selectors, like the Dawn theme, there is no need to enable country and language selectors in the Geolocation app

You can learn more about Shopify Market on this page.

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