Link to page

The "Link to Page" option lets you add a link to your custom design page in the neon sign customization section. This custom design page is essentially a contact page where your customers can upload design files, answer questions, and choose options. This allows you to gather essential information and understand their specific requests.

Custom design link

The custom design link option will display the custom design page directly. Customers will not need to open the Custom Design to click on the link.

How to Set Up the Custom Design Link?

  • Enable Custom Design link: Input the URL for your custom design page here. If you leave this field empty, the custom design option won't be visible to users on the frontend.
  • Phrase for link to submit custom design page: Input the text you'd like to use for the link.

Custom design screen

Opting for the "Custom Design Screen" feature introduces a custom design tab detailing the steps involved in creating a custom design. With this option enabled, the custom design page link will be presented as a button, not a simple link.

How to set up custom design screen?

  • Enable custom design screen: Decide whether you want to activate the custom design screen feature. If you leave this unchecked, the custom design page link will appear as a link adjacent to the design page header.
  • Custom Design Text, Custom Design Button Label, Phrase to Link back to Text Customiser: Adjust these settings to modify the displayed text on the custom design screens.

For guidance on adding custom design steps, please have a look at this document.

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