How to reduce TTF font file size

Large font file size can cause problems with page loading speed since you have dozens of fonts on your Sign Customiser page. In this guide, we will show you how to reduce TTF font file size. The principle of this is to remove unnecessary glyphs in the fonts. Follow these steps

  1. Visit the Webfont Generator tool from FontSquirrel and click on the Upload Fonts button to upload the fonts you want to reduce in size. You can upload up to 12 fonts simultaneously. Once uploaded, the fonts will appear with information about their names, type, number of glyphs, and size.

  2. Choose the EXPERT... option, which will display a list of additional options. Select the following settings:

    - Font Formats: TrueFont (This option allows you to choose the output font type. We recommend selecting TrueFont since it is the only font type accepted by Sign Customiser.)

    - Subsetting: Custom Subsetting...

    - Character Type: Lowercase, Uppercase, Numbers, Punctuation (You can choose additional character types, but note that this will increase the output font files.)

    - Use the Subset Preview option to preview the list of glyphs included in the output fonts.

  3. Accept the Agreement and download your font files.

    Extract the downloaded files to find your optimized TTF font file.

If you need any assistance in reducing your font file size, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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