Introduction to the Fixed Width Model

You can view a demo of the fixed width model.

A fixed width model is a collection of sizes, all of which are set to a nominated width measured in centimeters.  e.g. Small at 40cm, Medium at 60cm and large at 80cm. 

For each size, the following parameters can be set

  • The Width
  • The minimum amount of characters.
  • The maximum amount of characters.
  • The number of lines of text allowed.

Important to note when working with a fixed width model sizing system.

  • The font height is variable and will scale proportionally to prevent any distortion of the fonts and cannot be adjusted manually.
  • The width of the size will always be the defined width no matter the character count and the height of the font will scale. 
  • No font is the same when it comes to width and height and there is no number that is correct when it comes to the number of characters per size in a  fixed width model system, this is completely up to you to decide.
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