Determine the letter material cost.

This system allows you to accurately price your signs using the same process manufacturers use to quote. Below is an illustration of this concept.

When using the letter material cost option, you must enter the cost of material on a price per centimeter basis. 

Conversion Examples

Here are some examples when receiving prices in meters or feet from your manufacturers.

Conversion for meter

The cost is $20 per meter.

Calculation: 20 / 100 = $0.20 per centimeter. 

Conversion for feet

The cost is $15 per foot.

Calculation:15 / 30.48 = $0.49 per centimeter.~ rounded to two decimal places

What if I receive the average cost per letter from my supplier?

Then it's best to use our fixed cost per letter option instead of the letter material cost option. However, we have created an article to help you determine the material cost using an average letter price; please follow this article.

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