Supplier / Manufacturer Emails

Our app gives you the ability to automatically create and send emails with all the required details necessary for your supplier to build the custom signs each time an order is created on your Shopify store. 

To use this feature make sure you are on our PRO plan. 

Modify Email Template

Every sign customizer you create using our app has its own email template, which allows you to customize the email template specifically for that product.

1. Once you have created the Customizer, please click  Customizer which you want to change:

2. Click Settings on the top right side and click General:

3. Scroll down to the Order Email section. You can now modify the email template as you see necessary and click Save on the bottom right corner to save the changes.

Change the order email 

You can update what email address or multiple email addresses are sent too by following this article, Change Order Email Address

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