Add RGB / Multi-Colour Option

By using this feature, you can add multiple colours of your choice.

Please follow the below instructions to add colours:

1. Once you have created the Customiser, please click the Customiser which you want to change:

2. On the Customiser Page, click the Required Options button with the tool icon and click Fonts:

3. On the Colours page, add the title (which your customers will see for colours) to the colours you want to add, scroll down and click Add Colour:

4. Add the Label (the name which will appear to your customers).

5. For Colour Type choose "Multiple Colours"

6. Add all the colours you wish to include by clicking on "Add Colour" for this option (you can add up to 8), you can delete a colour by clicking on the "x" circle located near the colour. 

7. Click Save at the bottom.

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