Setup a sign customizer on your theme using app blocks

By following these instructions, you will be able to install the app using Shopify's theme app blocks.

1.Go to your Shopify admin, Click on Sales Channels and select Online Store

2. On the list of links for Online Store, you will find a navigation link called Themes from your Shopify dashboard and click Customize to open the theme editor:

3. In the Theme Editor, click the top dropdown menu and click on Products and then click Create Template:

4. Add a name for your new template, and click Create Template

The theme editor will now display the new template you have created which will allow you to being editing it.

5. You can  hide sections by clicking the eye icon right next to the section on the template that you want to hide.

6. Click Add Section, scroll down in the menu and click Neon Customizer under the Apps section:

7. You can drag and drop the Neon Customizer to the top of the section list to have it display first.

8. Click Neon Customizer to update your sign customizer Id then fill in your Neon Customizer ID. If you don't know your Neon Customizer ID, please follow these instructions to get it

9. You can make other changes from the menu on the left side, such as providing a value for the Height Reduction so that the apps Add to cart/Finish button is visible on the page: 
After making all the changes, please click  Save

10. Go back to your Shopify admin, click Products and create a new product:

  1. Add a Title to the product.
  2. Set the product status as Active.
  3. Uncheck ' Charge tax on this product', 'Track quantity' and 'This is a physical product'.
  4. Set the theme template under Online Store to ' neon-product-customizer' (the one we had created in the beginning).
  5. Click Save.

You are all done! The app is successfully installed with your new template.

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