Icons and graphics in signs

Our Icons feature allows you to upload SVG files that your customers can incorporate into their sign designs.

Getting started

  1. Access the Icon Upload Tool: Log into the Shopify app and navigate to the ‘Icons’ section within a customiser.
  2. Upload SVG Files: Click on the 'Add Icon' and then the ‘Add file’ button to select and upload SVG files from your computer. Alternatively, browse through our extensive in-app icon library and choose from a variety of icons available.

  1. Setup pricing: Ensure you assign a pricing configuration to your icons.

4. Apply Icons to Designs: Once icons have been uploaded and a pricing scheme has been configured you can select the icons in your customiser.

Why do my icons look different?

In order to display your SVG with our different sign visualisations we need to ensure your SVG is composed of "fill" commands as opposed to "stroke" commands. When you upload an SVG we will attempt to convert any "stroke" command to a "fill" command automatically. In most cases this works without any visual difference, however in some cases with complex SVG shapes this can cause issues.

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