Introduction to the Fixed Height Model

A fixed height model is a collection of sizes, all of which are set to a nominated height per line measured in centimeters.  e.g. Small at 10cm, Medium at 20cm and large at 30cm. 

For each size, the following parameters can be set

  • The height
  • The minimum amount of characters.
  • The maximum amount of characters (optional)
  • The number of lines of text allowed.

The height for a single-line sign will always be the nominated height no matter the character count.

However, the overall height for a multiline sign can vary and will be determined by

  • The nominated height per line
  • The natural height of the characters
  • The distance between lines based on the font

Here's a visual example with the nominated height set to 50cm. The tallest line, the capital letter M, will take on this number. The smaller letter m is shorter than capital letter M, therefore it is only a fraction of the nominated height - 37.84cm. In a multiline scenario, all lines will naturally scale from the tallest line.

Combined with the space between the lines, calculated by the app to be 32.49cm brings the total to 120.33cm. This method allows the app to produce measurements in the most accurate way possible while maintaining a fixed height per line.

Important to note when working with a fixed height sizing system.

  • Distance between lines can vary by font and this can be changed using the lineheight value on the font form.
  • The sign width is variable and will scale proportionally to prevent any distortion of the fonts and cannot be adjusted manually.
  • No font is the same when it comes to the line height and there is no number that is correct when it comes to the number of characters per size in a fixed height model system, this is completely up to you to decide.
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