Volumetric Weight

Volumetric weight, also known as dimensional weight or volumetric mass, refers to a calculated measurement used in shipping and logistics to determine the billable weight of a package. It is derived from the volume of the package and a predetermined volumetric divisor, typically provided by shipping carriers. Volumetric weight is utilized when the actual weight of a package is relatively light compared to its size, ensuring fair pricing for shipping services based on the space occupied rather than the actual mass alone. It is often expressed in kilograms or pounds and is crucial in determining shipping costs for packages that are lightweight but occupy a significant volume.

Set up volumetric weight

From the app's dashboard, go to Required Options > Pricing and choose to edit your pricing rules.

scrolldown to and click on your size ranges to edit them. A pop-up will appear allowing you to add values for parcel length, width modifier, height modifier.

Using the Volumetric Weight option, the app will calculate shipping price based on the volumetric weight value of each sign. Then you can choose to either to calculate and add shipping price to the sign's price or adding the volumetric weight to the auto-genrated Shopify product and use Shopify Shipping to calculate shipping price at checkout.

Adding shipping price

To add shipping price to sign's price, please uncheck the Add weight to product instead of calculating price option.

Adding weight to product

By choosing the Add weight to product instead of calculating price option, the app will calculate the sign volumetric weight, adding it to the field on the generated product. Shipping price will not be added to the sign price. But, you will need to set up the shipping price by using Shopify Shipping settings.

Using Shopify Shipping 

To use Shopify shipping, you have to use Volumetric Weight with the option to add weight to product selected.

The set up shipping from your Shopify Dashboard going to Settings > Shipping and delivery and choose to edit the General shipping rates profile. The General profile will be applied to all products generated by Sign Customiser app. It is not possible to use any other shipping profile now.

Shipping zones

If you sell to more than one country and region, you will need to create different zones for them within the Generate shipping rate profile. Learn more about creating shipping zone on this page.

Shipping rate

On the same General Shipping profile page, click on Add rate or Edit rate to set up shipping rate of each shipping zone.

On the pop-up just appeared you can set Transit time, the shipping price of this tate. And Minimum weight, maximum weight. Supplier uasually give you a shipping price table with price for each weight range these value can help you to replicate their price on your product.

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