Mobile Style Options

Sign Customiser offers two different mobile designs for you to choose from: 'Stacked all at once' and 'One selection at a time'.

To change your mobile design, navigate to your customizer editor page, then go to Settings > General > Mobile Style Options. In the Mobile View option, select your preferred design.

Stacked all at once

The Stacked All at Once option allows you to display all your customizer options on a single page, enabling customers to scroll up or down to find the option they need.

  1. Fixed Visualizer: This Yes/No option lets you choose whether you want the sign preview to always stay at the top of the phone screen when scrolling down.
  2. Finish Position: This option lets you decide whether the Finish button should stick to the bottom of the phone screen or stay at the end of the customiser section under all the customization options.
  3. Mobile Selection Options Display: this option offers two styles for displaying option lists: Scroll and Horizontally Stack.

    With the Scroll option, customers can scroll left and right to choose their options, reducing the customiser's height.

    On the other hand, the Horizontally Stack option keeps all options visible, allowing customers to select the option they want without scrolling horizontally.

One Selection at a Time

The One Selection at a Time option divides customization into different steps, including Text, Font, Color, Size, Backboard, Backboard Color, Material, Jacket, and Additional Options. Customers need to go through these steps to make their choices.

  1. Show Navigation Menu on Mobile: when enabled, this option displays a hamburger button that opens the Navigation Menu, allowing customers to go directly to the step they want.

    If turned off, a home button appears, enabling customers to return to the first text input step.

  2. Show Navigation Menu First: If this option is enabled, the navigation menu appears immediately when customers select the text customizer, providing quick access to various customization steps.
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