Colours and material options

Follow the steps below to add a new color option:

  1. From the app's dashboard click on the Customisers tab and select a customiser.

  2. On the Customiser editor page, click the Colors and then click Add color.

  3. On the Color editor page that just appeared, add the Label and Description (which your customers will see) of the RGB color option.

  4. For Color Effect, choose Single Color and select a color.

  5. The Minimum Size option allows you to select a minimum width and height that the color option will be available.

  6. Add the option preview image and popup image using the Preview Image and Popup Image options. The preview image will replace the color selector button, while the popup image will appear as a pop-up when customers click on the View example button.

  7. The Pricing option allows you to choose how the price of the color option will be calculated. There are 3 options for you select.

    None: Sign price will not be changed if choosing the RGB color option.

    Base Price: A fixed amount will be added.

    Price Multiplier: Multiply the Letter price option or total sign.

Hit Save to save your set up.

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