SVG files for ordered products

The SVG file is necessary for your supplier to sign. Sign Customiser allows you to generate the SVG file for order signatures and also automatically send it to your suppliers. This option is currently only available with the Advanced model sign and Advanced model channel letter.

Generating SVG File

To enable the 'Generate File' feature, open your Sign Customiser app and choose to edit the customiser for which you want to enable the feature. Navigate to Settings > General.

Scroll down to find the SVG Image option, select Yes, and then save the settings page.

Once you've enabled this option, whenever a sign is ordered, you can access the order page to download the SVG file.

Sending the SVG File to Your Supplier/Manufacturer

To automatically send the SVG file to your supplier/manufacturer, on the same General settings page, locate the Manufacturer Email option. Paste the following code into the email template to display an SVG download link in the email:

<b>SVG:</b> <a href="{{{ svgPreviewLink }}}" target="_blank">Link</a><br>

Here is an example of the Manufacturer email with an SVG download link.

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