Add Sizes - Fixed width model

By using this feature, you can add multiple sizes to your product customiser.
Size is a combination of width, maximum characters per line, and the maximum number of lines of text allowed for each size.

Make sure you add all your sizes before moving on to adding pricing.

Add a Size:

1. Once you have created the Customiser, please click the Customiser which you want to change:

2. On the Customiser Page, click the Required Options button with the tool icon, click Sizes and then click Add Sizes:

3. To add a new size, click Add Size:

4. On this page, fill in all the required details about the size you want to add:

  1. In the Label section, you have to add the name of the Size you want to add. (For example, small/big)
  2. In the Description section, add a description of the Size you are adding. (For example, minimum 10cm and maximum 60cm)
  3. In the  Minimum Text Characters section, add the minimum number of text characters for your sign. (For example, The minimum number of text characters for the entire sign. If kept blank, the default minimum is 3 characters. The user cannot add less than 3 characters per line)
  4. In the Maximum Text Characters per line section, add the maximum text characters allowed per lineFor example, The maximum number of text characters allowed per line e.g. 20 text characters per line. The user cannot add more than 20 characters per line)
  5. In the Lines of text allowed section, add the number of lines for the text allowed. (The number of lines of text that is allowed for this size, 1,2,3)
  6. In the Width (in centimetres) section, add the number of maximum widths for the size you are adding. (The maximum width for this size e.g. 60cm.

5. Once you have filled in all the details, click Save, in the bottom right corner.

6. You are all done! You can see the newly created Sizes in the Sizes section. You can also make changes to your newly created Size by clicking on the Size you want to modify:

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