Organising your fonts

Organising your fonts like this will allow you to create three groups of fonts; these groups will be used to determine how expensive each line and price per letter will be for a font in that font group. 

  1. Organize all the fonts you want to use on the customiser into Adobe Illustrator and ensure that all the font heights are the same when adding them to this Adobe Illustrator file. You will end up with a result like this
  2. Using the illustrator file above, group your fonts into three categories, the least wide fonts will create a larger height when used in the fixed width model, which means the font might be more expensive with your supplier, so these fonts could be grouped in one of the categories that can be used for the more expensive price tiers that you create with our app.
  3. Refer back to your shipping cost matrix, for each width in your shipping cost matrix, determine the max height that could be produced for that given size. To do that, do the following for each font in adobe illustrator.
    1. Add a string of text that is comprised of 3 lines.
    2. Set a line height 
    3. Ensure the amount of lines of text is the same for each test case.
    4. Increase the text size to fit the desired width you are testing, e.g. 60cm.
    5. You will now have the max height for that particular font. 
  4. Based on step 4, for each group of fonts, determine the font with the largest height. This will be your max height for each group and each pricing tier.
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